because you probably haven't thought about this in a while...

first of all, watching this documentary makes me angry. i just can't believe (and i can be pretty cynical) that our government is capable of such ignorance. almost more upsetting is the fact that some folks actually believe in the jerk-offs currently in office. i mean, i realize our election system is a bit off, but SOMEONE voted for GWB (can you IMAGINE???!!!).
second of all, this documentary solidifies the idea for me that we as a country need to start worrying about ourselves. we need to stop going oversees and butting into other folks business. are we telling them to do things like us???? what a crock. if the aftermath of hurricane katrina isn't a perfect manifestation of racism, classism and pure ignorance, i don't know what is.
oh. and third, thanks to my brother for another great movie recommendation.

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