cloned food?

is it okay?  i don't know, but i have to wonder...WHY?  granted, i am a vegetarian and don't have to worry about if my beef steak is a clone.  but i still have to worry about genetically modified organisms.  
i am an ingredient-list reader, much to the chagrin of my partner who would rather just get in and out of the grocery store.  i avoid the "bad" stuff when i can, or have time, or when i even KNOW what the bad stuff is.  

how do you know what to believe?  is it our money or our health that the food industry is more concerned about?
is everything about profit or do businesses; especially agribusinesses, have ethics
i can tell you that i wouldn't feed my loved ones cloned or genetically modified foods (that is if they are labeled as such).  i don't see a need to alter or "improve" nature.  i don't care what the FDA says.  

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