a different sort of biological clock.

i want a new kitty. a kitten really.
it's been a really long time since i had a baby cat.
ummm....about nine years to be clear.
here's the thing, i really want another siamese kitten. i currently have the best-est siamese cat ever. she's inbred and would never win any cat show awards, but she's the best. she'll be eleven years old in about two weeks. she's healthy and awesome, but i have this sort-of cat-ernal urge.
so my dilemma is regarding the ethics of buying a purebred. both of our other animals are rescues. i tell myself that my siamese was a rescue. she was born in a dirty duplex outside of buffalo. i swear that the lower apartment of the duplex was occupied soley by a cock-fighting ring. (i say this because i heard chickens inside. a glance through a slightly open door offered me a look at an ENTIRE floor covered in straw. no furniture. you tell me?) my siamese's father was also her grandfather (eeeewwww). but if that's what makes an awesome kitty, then so be it.
where am i going to find another inbred siamese?
but really. i feel like i should "save" a kitten. our local shelter is GIVING away cats because they have so many. how could i look for a siamese cat when there's all these other needy cats out there?!?!
what's a girl to do?!

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