and so it begins.

i am officially allowing myself to "begin" the gardening season today.
granted, i started planning our 2008 garden as soon as i planted 2007's garden.  i was able to hold off ordering the majority of the needed seeds until december.  they send you all those catalogs and it's really hard to not start the deliberations.  this year i decided to order from one source.  last year i had seeds coming in from everywhere and it was a bit overwhelming.  i'm fairly certain that i will not be able to resist buying some random seed packets here and there, but i am going to work on cutting down.  i don't really have that much garden space and i normally purchase WAY more seeds than i can realistically use.
we set up our indoor greenhouse about two weeks ago.  this weekend we plan to start the snapdragon and petunia seeds.  
i've made the calendar for plantings and started the journal.
now if only the ice and snow would melt and the temperatures would rise.  oh, the laments of zone 4-ish.

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