it's about time.

today i joined a gym.
really, really overdue.
i think today was the first day in a long time (mmmm....probably almost 10 years) that i have actually "worked-out". that is, exercise for the sole purpose of exercise. i don't count hiking and backpacking in that category because i do these things because i enjoy them.
i am hoping to learn to enjoy the gym again. right now, i'm still in the newbie, intimidated phase. i'll get over it.
as long as i keep going.
which i believe i will. if for no reason other than the one year contract i had to sign.
wish me luck!


  1. Go fearless one from the adirondacks!!! I admire how you face your fears (intimidations), knowing they will disappear as you grow accustomed to these new surroundings. Wasn't it you who slept alone in the deep woods for days? Piece of cake.

  2. thanks 'ME in VA' (*wink*wink*) for your nice words. see you soon.


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