jealous of school kids...

considering the weather today, i was really hoping for a snow day.
realistically, i know it's highly improbable, but there's always hope. every year we are reminded by administration that we have a special voice mailbox designated for days such as this.  
so, sure enough, i called that stupid mailbox at least four times (hoping, hoping, hoping) that our esteemed agency would value the lives and safety of it's employees and close down due to weather.  i imagined all of the awesome (and mostly lazy) things i could do if i got a surprise day off.  i even delayed my morning waking ritual figuring that if i didn't have to go to work, i may be able to go back to sleep.
nope.  no day off.  in almost four years of working for my agency, we have only heard that fantastic message once.  and that day we got almost three feet of snow (which for the record, i don't think is a lot. but i'll take a day off for it).  
i spent that one snow day outside shoveling.  
all day.

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