a little lag time.

i thought after my self-affirming 5K post, i would remind myself of my ongoing weaknesses. you know, we all have a myriad of different variants to our personalities.
today, my logical adult case manager persona finally convinced my totally petrified toddler persona to follow up on some standard and rather unexceptional health monitoring. maybe you recall my not so recent annual physical where i was given a lab order to have blood drawn.
i just got that order completed today. and i had to be brought to the hospital to have it done. just as though i was a true toddler.
there was nervous laughter. there was enough anxiety to fill a swimming pool. and there was one poor phlebotomy tech named jessica who had to deal with me. props to her for distracting me enough to not notice that she blew my vein on the first try. because if i did notice, i may have broken the world sprinting record getting the hell out of there.

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