what i've been doing while not blogging:

  • going to physical therapy in addition to stretching, icing and exercising. i happened to have pulled a muscle in my right thigh while running. and now i have tendinitis in my hip. and my right ass muscle is exceptionally tight (not in the good way). it's super fun stuff.
  • cutting down trees.
  • planting the vegetable garden.
  • listening to music.
  • working on my mojito skills. we have a plethora of mint in our yard. it's the best use i can think of.
  • visiting my beloved father in virginia beach. pretty conveniently coinciding with a memorial day vacation.
  • going to this place to listen to our friend Brian play with his band. did you know that you can still smoke in bars in virginia? i forgot how gross that is.
  • taking the lewes-cape may ferry.
  • getting stuck in traffic in new jersey. i mean the ENTIRE LENGTH of new jersey. from south to north. i swear i try not to dislike new jersey, but it is so hard.


  1. sorry about your ass, but hey, yay for excess mint and mojitos!

  2. damn gym workouts...wishing you a speedy recovery from your injury...it's almost backpacking time!


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