fourth of july weekend.

here are some things i learned this weekend:

it's a good idea to check your tent site for goose poop before setting up.

dinner is best served before 11PM; especially when people have been drinking all day.

being the only vegetarian at a four-day-straight barbecue camp-out is a challenge.

boys (and by boys, i mean grown men) would rather pee in a lake than go to the toilet.

chocolate and cayenne really do go together well.

nobody likes the guy who shows up to the party with no food or booze, but stays all night.

i make a pretty good oatmeal cookie.

non-vegetarians are freaked out by tempeh.

lakes are cool, but friends are better.


  1. I need info on Tempeh...I have read all the packets and stared at it endlessly in the grocery store..
    what is a wanna be vegetarian to do with it???

  2. tofu i can do, but tempeh, not so much. sounds like you had a good weekend, though, so yay!

  3. There is nothing (well, almost nothing) so wonderful as chocolate combined with chilli or cayenne. The Incas and Mayans got it right. By the way, keep an eye out for Iron Deficient Chef - there's a chocolate episode coming up in the next couple of weeks. Carol (in Sydney, home of

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