you may all like to know that i got an envelope today from the Town of Keene.

i certainly wasn't excited to receive it, but was happy that this would be the end to a lot of debate regarding our recent AMR trespass incident.

so i opened the envelope to find a hand written letter on Town of Keene letterhead. the letter was by Constance L. Hickey, Town Justice.

it read, "I dismissed your ticket".

put that in your pipe and smoke it.


  1. good for you! maybe she's an (i am alive) blog stalker :)

  2. After re-reading all of the comments your original story generated I thought I would add that I thought it ironic that it was a female judge who obviously saw your genuineness and let you off the hook

    Sounds like she agrees that even law violators should be treated with respect while being arrested(which you were by definition of the NYS penal law) Wasnt that the real point of your post...

  3. that is AWESOME. yay!

    sometimes a small justice is the sweetest.


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