please welcome... nephew, adam lee!

sir bundle of awesome-ness was born today at 12:38 AM; weighing in at 9lb 15.4oz (!!!) and measuring 22 inches long.

congratulations gretchen and ian!
and happy birthday adam lee!


  1. Oh my goodness, Congratulations aunt renee!! He is beautiful. adam?? did you know this prior to his arrival? Uncle Adam must be pretty proud! I know you are going to have fun spoiling this little guy!

  2. we had no idea that his name would be adam.
    they kept the name a secret until he was born.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! They do know that Renee can be a boys name too, right??? I think you might have gotten snubbed:)

  4. i know!
    i did get the shaft.

    although "my" adam wasn't really the inspiration for his name...

  5. Renee,
    Your a Aunt!!! congrats...he is so cute. Your in for lots of fun with this guy, plus the nicest part about being a Aunt is giving them back to the parents have spoiling them rotten!



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