dix mountain.

it was a perfect fall day. and we completed a perfect hike.

sure, it was long but 10 of the near 14 miles are relatively level. which means that the other 4 feel as though they are nearly vertical, but whatever.
adam, crosbi and i started at the rte. 73/round pond trailhead for dix mountain around 8:00 AM. with two cameras in tow, we stopped frequently but summited by 1:00 PM. the day was clear and you could see 360 degrees from the peak. we only passed one other party (at least until we were almost out...).

there were many beautiful places to camp within five miles of the trailhead. the sites at round pond, which is less than a mile from rte. 73, were surprisingly enticing and you could not hear the highway. the leanto is RIGHT ON the trail, but i am not fond of staying in leantos anywho.

i would certainly consider coming back here for a few nights stay.


  1. love the pictures of the lean to. probably a long time since it got that much attention. the perspective that you use when photographing everything really catches my eye and certainly captures nature simply but gorgeously...

    and bagging another peak too! congrats

  2. Looks like you had a pretty nice day. Any chance my snowman survived?


    Probably not, snow men are unreliable - one hint of sunshine and they wander off somewhere.

  3. @corin: thanks!

    @kenmore: unfortunately, no. your snowperson was not to be found.
    but congratulations on your completed 46!


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