for serious?!?

please be advised that following this link will bring you to a youtube music video that is pretty nasty. not gory or obscene, but there's some foul language...
WTF? is this a real song? why on earth would someone want to sing about this?
"that's how a bitch get an eye swelled up" (!!!!!)
i am not trying to sound like a prude, but as a feminist and someone trying to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS this makes me want to cry a little.
please tell me this is a joke...albeit a really bad one.


  1. Uh, wow. It has to be a joke. Right? I think so. Besides being icky, it's SO stupid. It has to be a joke. I hope!

  2. how on earth did you come across this? unfortunately, there are probably young people somewhere actually listening to this and/or crap like it. totally desensitizing as we speak/blog.


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