know your pigeonhole.

find it here.

apparently i correctly identify myself, as the result of my typology survey was 'liberal'.


  1. I took the quiz and was labeled disaffected. At first I was concerned at the negative definition but soon realized that this matched an email that I had sent to my father, trying not to "polemically" debate the election and candidates but to merely explain why I was voting for obama. My last line emailed to my father was "I am not worried what will happen to ME. I will be fine no matter who is elected". That is as close to disaffected as you can get...however, I would like to think of the label disaffected as pointing up that I am neither liberal nor conservative, which ultimately must mean that i do not subscribe to partisanship labels. Cool..I think. That however, does not mean to say that I am not in favor of working for positive change on topics important to me. I am always in awe of the topics you bring up...I have to say i waited anxiously to see what your post election writings would be.

  2. The survey also labeled me as a liberal. I was overjoyed to cast my vote for Barack Obama! At the very least he won't need a midafternoon nap--I have very very very low expectations :) Thanks George Bush.

  3. Mmmm, liberal. I tend to think of myself as a moderate liberal, but I suspect the survey hot-buttoned a few of my strong opinions on particular things. =)


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