mix tape.

i forgot how much fun it is to put together a music compilation. i haven't done it since i listened to cassettes.
remember those?
so this morning, while adam has been flailing around on the floor in the kitchen trying to install our new dishwasher, i thoughtfully created two playlists. i burned them and they will soon be in the mail and off to virginia. dad and karen (purely coincidentally~today is her birthday!) are the lucky winners of my morning efforts. it is important, after all, to have your recipient in mind when creating a mix...it's almost like a letter to them.
crap, that's pretty emo, huh?
so enough of that...
maybe i had better see if adam needs some help in there.


  1. adam was flailing? should you have called Joe the plumber?

  2. that's funny...
    he was walking around all day calling himself "adam the plumber".

  3. Oh, boy...I cannot wait to receive your package! As you said, it's like getting a letter from the sender. Very exciting. Hope all went well in regard to the kitcheny stuff...you guys have really expanded your horizons this year in the DYI area...and, from what I've seen, very nicely. Love to all.


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