paranoid much?

while surfing the interwebs today i found the "perfect holiday gift".
*eyes rolling*
just what a person needs in case of a complete and total food shortage! it will save you from starvation!
if only you have a one acre backyard (which i don't)! and you know how to garden! and you can store a years worth of food! and you don't live on the seashore! or a desert!
and, of course, you have $97 plus $14 shipping.
"no discounts… even to FEMA or military personnel. Take it or leave it."

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  1. Does this kit come with a shutgun to ward off the inevitable looters in such chaotic times??? I didn't see one mentioned. It seems to me with all the grocery store shelves empty, once word got out that there's such good fresh food on your homestead, you would surely have yet another dilemma to think about. Hey, wait a minute...maybe you could get that security guy from the Keene area, with his big shiney gun, to come watch over the goods. Sounds like he would be capable...but can you trust him???


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