seven random & weird things about me.

i've been tagged.

i feel honored that it is by one of the talented and compassionate creators of earthdog products. kym and her husband make the hemp collars and harnesses (among many other things) that crosbi has worn for her whole life. she also writes a great blog about their life with 16 rescued dogs.

now i will test your patience by telling you these seven things:

1. i hate talking on the telephone. really i do. i obviously cannot avoid it at work or i would not be very employable, but i (almost) never answer the home phone. due to my aversion to the telephone, i did not have a cell phone until very recently. i only have one now because adam felt i needed one "in case of emergency" (this is what our society has come to). i barely know how to use it and it tends to have a dead battery more often than not. although i am finding i am not so terribly averted to texting...

2. i love tater tots. that's not a joke (although i also have the tee shirt). this is unusual because i tend to prefer less processed and more "natural" food items. but there is something about that nutritionless, shredded potato deliciousness that is...well...delicious. i began this obsession by eating them strickly tossed in frank's hot sauce and dipped in blue cheese (a vegetarian chicken wing of sorts), but now have moved onto all sorts of other creations. this could be another whole blog post.

3. i generally sleep better with a certain textured blanket next to my skin (which means, if you have clever deduction skills, that i sleep in the nude *ahem*). the texture that works for me is what i call "waffle". i think it's marketed as a "thermal" blanket...sort of like thermal undies. adam likes to call this my "blankie" as i do not share it and often wrap myself up in it like a human burrito.

4. i LOVE the snow but hate the cold. yeah, i know. this is a combo which leads to disappointment. maybe it would be more appropriate to say that i hate to BE cold, but that is pretty much unavoidable living in upstate new york. still, i love to be outside in the winter and find a heavy snowfall very peaceful.

5. i have very random and sporadic tastes in music. i am definitely a radio flipper. i am now completely addicted to having my ipod in the car (i drive a lot for work) so that i don't get so frustrated with radio stations inability to keep up with my rapidly changing and schizophrenic choice of song at the moment.

6. i love sticky notes. i don't know if i could work without them. they are everywhere on my desk and i carry them in my bag to post reminders at client's homes. in addition, i generally must have multiple different sticky note color choices.

7. i am very particular about how my grocery list is written. the items must be written in the order that they will be found in the grocery store. if adam puts an item on the list in a random spot (which he usually does), i probably will restart the list. i think i got this idiosyncracy from my father. adam thanks you dad!

so there it is.
now my job is to tag seven others who will have to follow these basic rules:

* link your original tagger(s), and list these rules on your blog.
* share seven facts about yourself in the post - some random, some weird.
* tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
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now, i know some of you folks have been tagged for similar things before...but too bad (sucks to be popular, eh?). i know i can think of more than seven strange, odd, weird or otherwise unusual things to post about myself. if you can't, then i am jealous.


  1. thanks for saving my butt and for your kind words. i'm with you on the hatred of the phone!

  2. ok, that took me nearly 2 hours to complete but was much fun, thanks for including me. I am having a hard time forgetting the image of you sleeping naked with your waffle blankie but nonetheless, very interesting stuff! I am foaming at the mouth for those tater tots! I used to mix up a franks redhot and butter sauce to go with reg. chick nuggets when the kids were eating a steady diet of them...I would much prefer the tater tot to the chicken nugget now :)


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