what'd it ever do to you?

poor cilantro...
why do people dislike you so? is it because you make food so delicious? or because you taste fresh and bright?
mexican food, especially guacamole, isn't quite right without you. trust me, i know, because i have a cilantro hater right in my own home. all too frequently i have to cook without you to avoid revolt.
i still love you though. you will always have a place in my garden. even if you do go to seed so damn fast.


  1. I agree with you,I just LOVE Cilantro...I also use it in guacamole with fresh lemon, one roma tomato & diced scallions...Such a flavor I can't describe...
    Oh, Also love your doggie treats!!!
    Best To You...Marilyn

  2. Love it! Hate rosemary, the baby's mother and the herb. One of the Design Tramps here via Twitter. Hope your sweet kitty is feeling ok.

  3. thanks for stopping by amanda!
    rosemary (the herb) can be exceptionally overwhelming...as a vegetarian i rarely use it. somehow i feel like it's a "meat" herb.
    and ella is still well. steroids are like magic pills. we are grateful for every day!


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