unnecessary cruelty.

overreact much?

this whole swine flu thing just makes me upset. mostly at the way the media has sent mixed messages by telling us not to worry yet covering the "story" constantly.
it's the flu.
influenza is dangerous...to people with compromised immune systems. it's not a super virus. it's not HIV. people are contracting HIV and dying of AIDS everyday. where's the constant news coverage for that?


  1. the media already created an AIDS frenzy, now it's swine flu pandemic panic time. it would be too bad if the news channels realistically informed people.

  2. The media's need to panic us pisses me off. Like the way the news calls every thunder storm a "super storm" or "The Blizzard of 2009!" And as you say, where's the coverage for ongoing, constant problems? Sorry I haven't been able to check in as much with getting ready for the move!


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