putnam pond.

we camped with some friends this weekend.

we stayed at a NYS campground in the pharaoh lakes wilderness called putnam pond.

these photos are deceptively peaceful as most of the time was spent more wantonly.

at one point adam had shoes on his hands.

i swore to my friends that i would not post the more debauched (and hilarious) photos; lest you think they are degenerates (in fact they are awesome). it need not be said that a hilarious (and beautiful) time was had by all.


  1. isnt it funny how friends and family worry that everything they say and do is going to end up in some way on the blog? sounds like you do car camping just as well as you do backcountry :)

  2. i forgot how fun car camping can be!
    although it seemed like a lot more packing (the forerunner was FULL). we are not as efficient as car campers as we are backpackers...

  3. I completely agree..we had a camper for a couple summers when greg was small. I HATED packing for those trips. Much easier when you have a 30 pound limit!!


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