no rain.

we spent a perfectly relaxing, rain-free couple days at inman pond. i can't remember the last time i slept in a tent without the rain fly on, let alone been able to remain mud free for days!

it was a perfect choice for a stress free, no-brainer backpack. the trailhead is 30 minutes drive from our front door and within one hour's packing, we were making camp. from there, it was just lazing in the sun, watching nature, reading books, drinking red wine and enjoying the silence.
adam said it best when he declared, "if this doesn't clear your space, i don't know what will".

we tested out our meal dehydration skills, to good results. why i have never considered bringing hummus mix or tortillas backpacking is a mystery. it's so much cheaper, and in most cases, more delicious to make your own backpacking food! now i have to work to "perfect" some basic recipes. i see less salty, more healthy backpacking meals in my future!

i was surprised at how few people we encountered during the three days we were there. my suspicion is that it's a "locals" haunt. there were four groups of day hikers and no overnight visitors, which meant we had the place to ourselves each night. what a gift!


  1. Sounds like an awesome time. I am sure Adam needed some R and R after last week. Congrats on the backpack meals...I am however making a trip to EMS this week in preparation. I can't believe I actually have my pack out and ready to stuff : )

  2. That looks like a really great place. Isn't it near Sleeping Beauty?

  3. yup.
    the trailhead for inman pond is on the road before you get to the hogtown parking lot for dacy clearing/sleeping beauty.
    actually, you can also use the pilot knob trailhead for buck mtn to access inman pond too.


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