i'm just as guilty as the next person of reading blogs mostly through a feed reader.  so when i actually stopped by my own blog yesterday, i noticed the need to do some housekeeping with my link lists.
i deleted a few links to pages which haven't posted anything in the last 3+ months, but mostly i added some sites.

some noteworthy additions include:

•keri smith's, wish jar.  i originally started following this blog when i began considering a return to illustration work.  while i haven't exactly taken that jump yet, i continue to follow her blog as it is very inspiring; not just for artists, but for creativity in general.

•the trail cooking blog.  i found this site when i started making my own backpacking food.  the blog is part of the larger trail cooking website which links to a ton of very helpful information.

sociological images.  a great website that analyzes the images we see and information we receive everyday.

information is beautiful.  a site that further enforces my addiction to infographics.

the bilerco project.  an awesome site which "features LGBTQ activists, politicos, journalists, novelists, advice columnists, and video bloggers who are high-energy, inquisitive, eloquent experts in their professions."  this an expansive website where you can get constantly updated information on a large variety of social and environmental issues.  plus, it's a sharp and well designed web page.

there's a few more over there on the right.  check 'em out and let me know if there's something you read on the regular that seems to match my sensibilities!

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