it was a busy week.
first there was World AIDS Day, which is always emotional for me.  it's a time for me to reflect on the people i have known and lost to this virus and to remember how fortunate i am to be in good health.  adam and i attended the local observance in Glens Falls.  like last year, i wound up being quoted in the Post Star's write up of the event.
then there was the ridiculously disappointing vote by the NY State senate rejecting marriage equality.  like so many other residents, i was instantly embarrassed to live in NY.  i mean, WTF
so when we were invited by some friends to spend the weekend "up north" it was a welcome opportunity to decompress.  we went up to wilmington, ny and stayed at a handmade camp built by our hostess's uncle.  the place was gorgeous and all i could imagine was living there full time.  the place was essentially in the shadow of whiteface mountain, had it's own leanto and hiking trail. we spent nearly the entire time outside by the fire relaxing, catching up and making new friends.

it's amazing how taking a small moment to get together and go outside can bring you back to center.

my only complaint would be the lack of snow, although we did wake up to a light dusting in the trees.

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