plodding along.

i am a bit slow to start today.  it's likely due to all the wedding talk yesterday; venues, budgets, guest list conundrums.
sundays have been informally assigned as a "studio day" as it's tough to find space during the work week to paint. it takes me some time to focus, or perhaps more accurately, to un-focus and create art.  my mind is eager to find distractions to artwork, the same way it might during meditation.
case in point: i often watch art 21 episodes while in the studio.  the episode i caught today featured elizabeth murray. i was taken by how she described her process of making art.  i had never heard someone elaborate on their means of piece creation and have it so closely mirror my own.
i could find little detailed information on her on my brief internet search and i was sad to find that she died of lung cancer in 2007.

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