i did it.

i sent my first art postcard.  well...it's done and it's sealed up in an addressed envelope.  but it sorta needs a stamp and we don't have any.  just an oversight, really.  obviously, i don't correspond via "real" mail very often.  i suspect that no one does actually.  i mean, the government is thinking of cutting saturday mail service after all.
the first card went to a super awesome person who, as i noted in the postcard, is a main character in a large percentage of my memories.  unfortunately, the memories including her stopped around 1998 when we sorta...'lost touch'.
i know that i had some roll to play in that, but i deeply regret it.
have you ever had the type of friendship that becomes the template for all future friendships?  like, to some extent, every friendship is compared to that most awesome one?
my relationship with this person was like that.  and some how it disappeared.  until now.  hopefully.
so the first big hurdle is jumped...now who gets the next postcard?


  1. I have a super awesome friend who still sends me real mail in the form of cards, letters and sometimes trinkets. Although I am terrible at answering her in the same manner I absolutely love to see her actual handwriting as opposed to some font displayed in email. I am sure your recipient will be just as touched by your old fashioned way of corresponding and via an original renee leigh piece of artwork nonetheless!

  2. I too appreciate real mail. What a lovely idea - to send little bits of art through the mail to missed loved ones. I bet the recipient will be very touched, as it's all too rare that anyone takes the time to appreciate others so beautifully!

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  4. I love you anecdotes... You put me right in the scene! I love letters by email and post, but there's something amazing about getting a package in the mail! It would be awesome to get a package on a Saturday.


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