positive outcome!

i wanted to share a quick update about the missing hiker i mentioned in my previous post.
although i was frustrated to not find any information online, i was graciously contacted by the missing hiker's brother.  he sent me an email after finding the blog post on the web.
here's some of what he wrote:

"they found him safe!!! but hungry and tired at duck hole in the afternoon on sunday [my note:  duck hole is over 4 miles from the original tent site near the bradley pond lean-to]. he was looking for a tent site and got lost with nothing but the clothes he was wearing (shorts and  short sleeve polypro tee shirt). he waited out the rain from about 3:30 sat. afternoon and overnight under a big rock in the drainage going towards duck hole. he is diabetic and takes insulin but apparently his lack of eating and lack of insulin offset each other. he followed the stream down hill and got on the trail to duck hole and wound up there where the helicopter found him on sunday."

what an amazing story!  thank goodness for the positive outcome!  it will certainly make me think twice about dropping my pack to look for a better tent site!

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  1. Thanks for posting the update - I've been thinking about the missing hiker on and off since I read your last post. So glad the story had a happy ending!


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