the final countdown.

if you've been following along for a while, you may have noticed that i am only 8 mountains away from having hiked all of the 46 highest peaks of the adirondacks.
realistically, this will probably take another year or two to complete based on how lackadaisically adam and i have taken on this challenge, but we are certainly in the home stretch.  this has got me thinking about which mountain i want to be the final hike; the one on which we can declare that we are 46'rs (although not technically until we are "sworn in").
i am currently thinking that i want the last 46r to be a day hike, that way we can plan it on a whim based on good weather.  it would be ideal if it was a clear day for that meaningful hike, rather than pouring rain.  i also don't want to save "the worst for last" (i'm talking about you, allen mtn).

so here is the listing of the high peaks remaining to be climbed in order of height:


anyone out there have any suggestions?
which would you save until last?


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  2. is an awesome mountain and sits most central of the ones you have left. I think it would be nice to sit on top of the forty sixth and have a great view in front of yourself reflecting the amazement of the accomplishment....and crosbi gets to come along for the celebration on that one :) We are planning on Whiteface so that people can join us at the top but I have wrestled with that idea because finishing with a bit of solitude seems quite appropriate too.

  3. The only one of those I've done is Seymour, and while I had a great time on that hike, I wouldn't say it's one of the most impressive high peaks experiences.

  4. hmmm, always a fun task to pick the "final peak". Skylight is a great peak... but it's a long (but doable) dayhike. Whiteface allows non-hikers to join you (up the road) in your celebration... but the rest of the high peaks are waaaay off in the distance. Allen isn't as bad as its cracked up to be...but I probably wouldn't want to finish there.

    If you have 2 cars you could walk the Pinnacle range south to north and hit Blake (booo!) and then Colvin (yaaa!) before descending to the AMR. Alas your dog would have to miss out as this crosses the AMR land(booo!).

    No matter what you choose it will all be good though. Enjoy the rest of the journey.


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