jury duty.

this was done while waiting in the jury deliberation room.

obviously, i wouldn't be allowed to sketch during the trial.

unfortunately, the trial is ongoing and i can't disclose any more detail.

what i can say is that a criminal trial consists of huge amounts of boring, laborious and somewhat repetitive detail followed by short bits of very interesting banter.

there is a lot of waiting; waiting to enter the court, waiting for legal side bars to be done, waiting for evidence to be logged in.

the only thing that really stinks is that i am an alternate, which means that my two-cents doesn't count towards the verdict unless two people drop out of the jury seating.

that seems very unlikely.  i hope at least to be able to learn what the verdict ultimately is.  does an alternate juror even get to sit in on deliberations?


  1. I was called for jury duty when we lived in Middletown. I sat for 4 hours while they did a bingo style thing to pick people at random. I was never picked, but it was interesting how many people were excused because they knew the victim or the defendent. It was a drunk-driving case.
    I really wanted it to be like an episode of Law & Order, but no one was good looking and there was not one plot twist! Boring.

    Hang in there, at you have some nice art work to show for it :)

  2. Is this a sketch of another bored juror? I like it! Your handwriting is nice too. I think a comic strip is in order!

  3. @kate
    my jury service was for a drunk driving case too! it was in the paper: http://poststar.com/news/local/article_1ce24086-a496-11df-8eb7-001cc4c03286.html

    that is another bored juror, ironically, the other alternate.

  4. I'm currently on Grand Jury duty... Every Friday through the beginning of October! Super boring...


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