happy, happy.

guess who's a year older?   
i am!
i will proudly say that i turned 35 years old on 11/5/10.  (there is no need to be ashamed or shy your age; there are more important things to be worried about.)
adam and i dined out at Siam Thai Sushi and shared a bottle of wine, then went up to the adirondacks and had a "sleep over" with friends.  it was a good time and we were grateful for the shelter and company.  the camp was "rustic"; having no running water, electricity or cell service.  the outhouse was a short walk into the woods and made of plywood.  being a horror movie buff, i couldn't help but wonder when the folks in the potato sack masks would show up but we all made it out alive.


    I turn 34 in December and I am not so much worried about the actual age as I am about the thick gray hairs starting to stick straight up on my head. WTF.

    Lovelovelove the birdie on the limb....

  2. thanks kate...
    re: the gray hairs: at least you're (very smart) blond...my grays are like air traffic flags in my dark brown hair. what is up with the fact that they can't behave like "normal" hair anyway?

  3. happy birthday! it sounds like it was a great time!!!

    :) brooke


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