the universe has aligned itself and i have finally gotten my tattoo finished after almost three months!

i had to practice patience and understand that not everyone has the same reverence for keeping scheduled appointments, returning phone calls and not losing client contact information as i do.
i debated not tipping the guy due to the inconvenience, but just couldn't stomach it; must be all those years waiting tables.
after all, i will be wearing his artwork on my arm permanently and didn't want to cross him.

i am much more satisfied with the coloring in the leaves and the wee little bit of white highlighting to make the morning glory flowers pop up.
(a pre-touch-up photo is here, although the quality is poor.)

the additional tweaks took about an hour so my total sitting time was a little more than four hours between both sessions.
including the tip, it worked out to be a bit less that $100 an hour. a worthy investment if you ask me!


  1. Renee, it is stunning so worth the wait. It was beautiful before, but the final touches make it shine.

  2. @kate...adam is next in line, but he just needs to figure out what he's getting done.
    that might take a while :)


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