short attention span.

.waiting patiently for completion.
it's definitely late february. i have a pretty serious case of bored-apathy. that's what i call the feeling of needing to do something but being to lazy to do it, let alone figure out what it is.
i did successfully (re)launch my portfolio website: the content isn't final, but i am just happy to have finally gotten it off the ground. slow progress is still progress!
i also received an advance copy of the moral lives of animals written by dale peterson via librarything's early reviewers program. it's a pretty thick text and with a quick skimming, reminds me of an environmental ethics course i took in college. i'll likely post the review here as well as on my librarything profile if you're curious how it turns out.


  1. bored-apathy is a good way to put it. I've got a dose of that too. Must be the season.

  2. here's to the end of BOTH of our bored-apathy seasons :)


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