have you heard?

"a man can be wiser today than yesterday" - senator mark grisanti

yesterday the state of new york finally got it right.
the senate approved the bill supporting marriage equality and governor andrew cuomo signed it into law; making it legal for all loving, committed couples to share the joys, struggles and legal protections of marriage in the state of new york.
adam and i were watching the live stream of the senate debate on baited breath. perhaps i was sipping to heavily on my wine, but this bit of history is long overdue. when the votes were read, i didn't breathe. i cried. i googled the affirmative vote over and over just to be absolutely sure i didn't play a trick on myself to avoid being heartbroken by a defeat.
i am particularly humbled that this bill was passed through a republican senate, when just two years ago the democratic senate voted a similar bill for same sex marriage down. this year, three republican senators in specific made this possible, one of whom spoke during the vote. i included the full video of his statement above because it is evidence of how our government is supposed to work and how our elected officials should represent us. i am a staunch democrat but would like to high-five senator grisanti for his bravery and candor. his vote for equality will go down in the history books and i sure hope it garners him many long years in public office.
this law is a most excellent wedding gift, but is only the beginning of the journey. now we need to get this equality party off of the east coast. it's six states down and forty-four left to go. hint, hint california...get on this train!

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