time goes by.

shadow (pencil sketch in moleskine)
i am spending less time here on the blog lately.
i never seem to have the time, or perhaps the discipline, to post throughout the week.
i do have thoughts i would like to grab and capture here, but those moments are fleeting and usually don't come accompanied by a laptop or internet connections.
frankly, most times, living life is just more absorbing than recording life. it's only when there are open, thoughtful breaks that i have enough time to reflect and elaborate.
i wonder how writers manage it; always being able to draw up experiences in such vivid detail even when canyons of time seem to have built up. if it's anything like creating visual art, it's about practice.
yeah, practice.
and probably talent.


  1. Blogging is not living and certainly the latter more preferable. Yet, I keep a small notebook with me at all times. When one of those fleeting thoughts fly by that I wish to capture, I write it in the journal, or audio capture it into my phone. When I have the time, or the inclination to write or post, the original kernal of energy is there in my notebook.

  2. @wine and words
    oddly, i carry a little 3x5 sketchbook/journal with me everywhere i go but have not been able to get into the habit of using it...


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