diving into the mundane.

morning glories
it's a gorgeous day; a sunday none the less. sunday's are the only day of the week where it feels completely okay to lounge around.
not that there has been much lounging around going on in this house lately. today we spent some time taking care of the day-to-day essential household upkeep that has been neglected in lieu of escort cards, vendor payments, cake toppers, timeline freak-outs and other wedding logistic shenanigans.
i spent two hours fighting back the weeds that have taken over the garden. the perennials are in need of division but that will have to wait until later. all i could manage was to dead head the whole lot which was more of a dance to avoid the bees. my arch enemy, the neighbors grapevine, continues to slowly destroy our lilac trees and the rotting fence that divides our properties. it seems to grow faster the more i attack it. yet i still engage in the battle.
gardening and diving into it's mundane activities is good for me right now.
it's settling and grounding, if at least for a moment before i jump back into the whirlwind.

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  1. Gardening is so wonderful. Brings us back to center. I love it!


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