little porter.

. we took our second hike on the last day of our stay in keene valley. since our cabin was on little porter mountain, it seemed fitting that we choose it for final jaunt into the woods. the state trail to the summit of little porter crosses a private dirt road which was just out the back door from our lodge. we were too nervous to use the private road, even though the folks who own the cabin we were staying at taut little porter as "45 minute walk out the back door". perhaps it's our previous experience with unintentional trespassing tickets?

from little porter after a super quick drive from the cabin to the garden trailhead, we started up the short trail to little porter. it was pretty chilly and i wished i'd brought a hat. we rock-hopped over slide brook and crossed the private road. a short bit later we arrived at the summit of little porter mountain. there was an ADK outing group at the top, many of whom were already 46'rs. we shared our newlywed status and got a geography lesson from one of the older gentlemen who apparently was an actual geography professor! he told us about his first adirondack high peak adventure in 1955. he explained that he hiked the loop including both wolf jaws, armstrong and gothics in street shoes.

adam and crosbi on the summit of little porter surveying the view, you could see a new slide on the brothers resulting from hurricane irene. we could have spent all afternoon up on the summit if it weren't for the fact that it was freezing; especially considering adam was only wearing shorts! we were back to the truck less than two and a half hours from starting and headed back to the cabin to enjoy our last glorious night before returning to the "real" world.

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