mountain getaway.

view of giant mtnour post-wedding getaway was perfect. we chose to rent a privately owned cabin on little porter mountain. the lodge was gigantic at 3,000 square feet. we made short work of settling in; unwinding from all of the wedding excitement. we were ready to hide away.

the main living room at Giant's View Lodge
adam lit the wood stove every evening. for most meals we stayed in, cooking gourmet dishes from groceries purchased locally in keene valley or from the marcy field farmers market. the kitchen was beautiful with a large granite topped island. the few restaurant meals we did eat were all at locally owned establishments.

crosbi eye view
one of the deciding factors in choosing the lodge was the fact that we were able to bring our dog, crosbi. she enjoyed having a whole cabin with a mountain backyard to run around in after being couped up in a hotel suite for two days. she chased chipmunks and sniffed out the local wildlife.

a great place to eat breakfast & drink coffee!
we drank our morning coffee on the deck and our evening wine under the stars. we were even lucky enough to get a nighttime thunderstorm complete with lightning that illuminated the adirondack panorama.


  1. That place looks like heaven! I'm so glad everything went so beautifully for you two. ♥

  2. TMC, the lodge was perfect! i wish i could go back right now...


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