i can't help but jump on the bandwagon and mention the absolutely, ultra fabulous weather we are having here in northern new york. we are reaping the visual benefits of fall as well as the warmth and outdoor relaxation abilities of summer.
saturday was spent with our friends moses and cheryl at their camp on glen lake. cheryl took their 7 month old daughter, addison out on the lake in a kayak for the first time; an early introduction to the outdoor experiences that will enrich her throughout her life.
we spent the afternoon talking about both the ups and downs of adult life. friendship was a major topic of conversation as it can be effortless and sustaining, but when the balance somehow changes, that same relationship can be exhausting and exploitative. what is the best way to repair a friendship that is being used as a resource by one person and feels thankless to the other? i believe it's possible to rectify something so important, but only if each party is willing to own their role and is willing to change.
the night ended after dinner with a roaring fire under the stars. if there any better way to end a day of unpretentious time sharing space with good people, i certainly can't think of one.

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