good ole' days.

i was pretty psyched to happen across the national geographic channel last night at 10 PM.
they did an hour episode of 'inside' on straight edge. i thought the show really captured a lot of the angst, music and emotion that i remember. the only thing that i missed was some reference to the vegetarian/vegan angle. it was overall pretty awesome; although it seems that the scene has been pigeon-holed as a gang by some that don't really understand it. some of the vernacular is different (ex. posi and militant. being that i work in the HIV/AIDS arena, posi means something TOTALLY different to me now) but the scene is generally the same. we called militants 'hardliners' and they caused a bunch of grief then too.
i can't imagine that they won't re-broadcast it...but there's a blog following the episode.

*i may not have the edge anymore, but i still love you ian mackaye*

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