night out.

i haven't been out to see and hear some music in a while, so when my brother suggested we all go out to watch a few bands it seemed a great opportunity.
the show was at falstaff's on the skidmore college campus. comments were made on the way to the venue that we may just be the oldsters of the crowd, but i think we passed alright. although i think that only a true oldster would believe that.
charlie everywhere started it off. they are infectious and wonderful. their music is a bit hard to define, which is one of the reasons i like it.
the headlining act was yeasayer. i have to admit that we pretty much went to the show to see charlie everywhere, so i had never heard of yeasayer. thanks to youtube i was able to get a preview. my first impressions were of rusted root-esque, kind of jammy, but i have also heard them compared to radiohead. apparently their music is also hard to define.
i was frequently reminded of past all ages shows; especially because of the conspicuous lack of alcohol (well...there were some 'rebels' who sneaked in a bottle of beer).  also there was the 'x' on the hand and the five dollar door charge.  all i needed was a mosh pit to really bring on the reminiscence.  
needless to say, it was a good time. 

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