respectful sacrifice.

as a father's day 'gift' to adam's dad, we agreed to attend his regular saturday spinning class tomorrow.

the thing's at 7:30 AM.

have i mentioned that i AM NOT a morning person???

waking up by 7:30 AM is a struggle...let alone pedaling at 500 miles an hour...for an HOUR !!!

this cause for significant concern people....


  1. ok now i am our blogger still recovering? i am sure you agree that even at that hour, time spent is better than anything you could have bought :)

  2. aaahhhh....
    not to worry. i did survive.
    i believe i fared better than our friend adam though...
    he won't make fun of my cardio-focused workout again!

  3. hmm...little less looking in the mirror at himself perhaps and more running!

    hey, i am glad to hear you are back up and "running" with your workouts..


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