roc d'or yellow wax and royal burgundy bush beans.
this is the first year i've done bush beans vs. pole beans. i think bush beans may be better for our garden. the pole beans all suffered rust and bugs. no such problems with these guys.

harvest of the softneck garlic. the hardneck garlic is still in the ground.
these did so much better this year, but i'm not sure what i did differently. last years crop tasted good, but the heads were pretty small.

one of the many 'volunteer' squash that came out of the compost pile. i'm not sure if it's an acorn or spaghetti. i was hoping for butternut (my new squash love...) but i don't think so.

maybe this guy will be butternut?

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  1. Those bush beans look absolutely delicious and so does the garlic.

    Interesting blog, I found it at random, looking for other admirers of Anthony Burgess (it's just as good as anything to find new blogs/readers). I enjoyed the bears story/anecdote.


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