keeping up with the cool kids...

being cool has never been a strong point of mine.  i usually seem to float around the periphery of lots of "circles"; which is just fine with me.  i have multiple facets and would never be satisfied to have to align myself with only one.
but sometimes, you just have to try to keep up with the cool kids.  
so i finally set up my facebook page.  yeah, i know i was "supposed" to do this a long ass time ago, but remember...  
i'm not so cool.  


  1. I only set up a facebook account last summer to keep up with the two college kids we hosted from a baseball team. They described facebook as being different from myspace in that it was more for "college kids". Now I am pleasantly surprised that a few of my thirty some year old friends are also on board...How cool is that...we're taking over!!

  2. hey, i totally think you're cool! and i'm glad you're on fb.


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