•my new favorite television show is "I Survived...". it's voyeuristic and scary and inspirational all at the same time. these people live through nightmares and impossible situations. i don't know how i missed it for so long...well, maybe i's on the biography channel.

•i got a flat tire (today) by running over a piece of iron in the road roughly the size of a bear trap. it was hidden in a pothole covered in snow melt. maybe it really was a trap. it sucked. it also made me realize just how dependent (both practically and emotionally) i am on my vehicle. also that i am unable to loosen lugnuts. i pretty much lost my marbles thinking i would go for more than an hour without my car.

•i am not against drinking boxed red wine. in the effort of full disclosure, i am drinking it right now.

•we are very close to having a wii "problem" in our household. i am not a gamer but i really love the wii (i think this dreadful winter is partially to blame). adam just got Tiger Woods '09, but my current favorite is either Mushroom Men or Shawn White Road Trip (on the balance board of course).

•the garden seeds have been ordered for the 2009 growing season. we limited the catalogs to two; Seeds of Change and Totally Tomatoes. now we just need to set up the third bedroom "greenhouse". experiments for this year will be edamame and eggplant. hopefully we will avoid the blossom end rot on the tomatoes this time around...

•i am trying very hard to read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson. it was leant to me (about a zillion years ago) by our super-volunteer receptionist, kathryn. it was leant to her by someone else. i feel pressured to read it and sort of "report" on it...


  1. I was wondering when you would disclose the possible addiction to Wii...very cute!

    I too cannot stand the thought of being without MY vehicle. My sister and I have been carpooling to work. I usually insist on driving (control thing) but today when I gave in and rode with her we ended up stranded at the garage with an overheating engine. My WHOLE afternoon was thrown off by that mini "crisis". I also had no lunch. What a coincidence that you had a the same time! Yikes. No driving on the 13th....

    glad you are enjoying some wine! maybe some wii boxing would help too??

  2. You know, I totally got into the Wii thing when a friend had a Wii Party. Pretty awesome. I'm all for boxed wine, circumstances warranting. More of a gin person, myself. Do they sell boxed gin?

  3. I don't get video games. My parents bought a Wii "for the grandkids." They made me play it and I still didn't get it! I did laugh my ass off at Mike swinging his arms as fast as he could during some game. He was making the stupidest face too. My ass really fell off I was laughing soooooooo hard. I don't drink wine and I have always wondered why in a box? No other alcohol comes in a box.....

  4. i realize i am about 3 weeks late on this but i finally found the bio channel myself and am enjoying the show you mentioned and also "watching the detectives" and one about parole boards. very cool.


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