twenty five things.

this is copied from my facebook page. i was tagged for this exceptionally viral meme over there...

1. when asked to do something like this, i freeze. there are more than a million 'things' about me, but when prompted it's almost impossible to come up with any.

2. i am not a morning person. i have gotten better at this as i have gotten older. sleeping in means getting up at 9:30-10:00 AM now.

3. i worked as a waitress for much of my college+ years. i worked at a local brew pub for more than two years. i still miss that work at times. i also have actual nightmares about forgetting orders, getting in the weeds, etc.

4. i worked a summer as a house painter; mostly exterior jobs. i was definitely the only woman i worked with. it's also the first time (that i know of) i worked with someone who smoked crack cocaine. i also had the opportunity to go into many of the most fabulous homes in the area.

5. i think very seriously about going back to college for another degree but cannot decide on what to focus on. there are too many things i would like to do.

6. i have an aversion to heights. this made climbing 40 foot ladders for the painting job very interesting.

7. i do not like clutter.

8. i think most people misunderstand me. this does not generally bother me. this just makes the people who do understand me very, very special.

9. i firmly believe that we are all good people but are too selfish to act that way most times. some people get "lost"; whether by circumstances out of their control or because they are motivated by selfish and empty things.

10. it takes a long time for me to develop real friendship. once i do it's a done deal. you will have to go out of your way to dissolve that connection.

11. i do not like to talk on the telephone. people often interpret this as rudeness or as being aloof. i just don't like to talk that much.

12. i can be very terrible at keeping up correspondence. if you happen to be the unlucky non-recipient of my correspondence, please know that i love you just the same but....

13. ...i am a successful procrastinator.

14. i hate it when people ask a question and they don't care about your answer. usually this is either a "polite" gesture or because they are setting up a transition to talking about themselves.

15. i think fugazi is one of the best bands. ever.

16. i have been vegetarian since age 15.

17. i used to be straight edge. i can still give lots of good reasons for being straight edge. i cannot give a good reason for why i started drinking alcohol.

18. i am a feminist.

19. i do not generally like to be around large groups of strangers.

20. i need a lot of private "down" time to recharge and remain centered. i find socializing very taxing, unless it's with my closest friends and family.

21. i do not want children. i never have.

22. i am offended when people assume that i do not want children because i "hate kids". or when they get defensive because they think i question their choice to have children.

23. my dream home would be a small log cabin on many acres of land in the adirondacks. i believe this is a possibility for me, albeit a far off one.

24. i love the adirondacks. they are a comfort and a challenge to me. they are my home.

25. i often believe i could successfully be a hermit.


  1. Hey! Sounds like we have a lot in common! Very interesting I think, to learn a little more about the human behind the blog. Awesome.

  2. If I knew where the adirondacks were, we would match on one.


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