a reawakening.

spring is the season of renewal. it seems a more appropriate time than january 1st to make a little resolution.
i've spent most of this morning going through my art supplies. it's a shame the amount of paint i've had to throw away. i quite sure that some of those tubes had not been touched since shortly after i graduated with my BFA from University of Buffalo.
alas, i have neglected this side of myself. each year that went by without any serious artworks seemed to make me believe that i didn't really have the time/space/energy/insert excuse here to commit to it.
but when i go through my portfolios it's like going through a photo album of memories. it's still alive and well inside me. i picked up a pencil and an old sketchbook today and after a moment of fear looking at that blank page, it all came back.
i am certainly rusty. my eyes, mind and hands aren't so sharply coordinated.
but i am going to become friends with that sketchbook again.


  1. Good point on the resolutions thing... regrowth, the earth coming back alive, making new opportunities... hmmm.

  2. diddo that, my fellow north country artisan

  3. Your photography has not been lacking during your hiatus from sketching/painting- that is for sure. I hope when you get back in the swing of things you will share a bit of your work here.


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