twenty five albums.

i was hoping to dodge this meme; not because i dislike it, but because i know how much thought and time it would take.
pick 25 albums that had an impact on you...only 25?!? my tag-er, tim upped the ante by adding memories associated with each album. i am loosely organizing them in the order they influenced me. so here goes...

1) Cyndi Lauper: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. this was my FIRST album (or cassette rather). my bedroom upstairs at the salina street house.
2) R.E.M.: Green. walking to school through baldwinsville.
3) Beastie Boys: License to Ill. my father had this cassette. a road trip to a wiccian church in new hamshire made possible by skipping school.
4) The Cure: Disintegration. it's hard to pick one album here, but this one always brings back the most memories. hanging with kate and walking around downtown b'ville. pizza man.
5) Violent Femmes: Violent Femmes. indispensible album. the song she chose wasn't on this album, but i remember nicole quoss chose a VF song to play during 10th (?) grade english class and the teacher was concerned.
6) Minor Threat: Out of Step. fuel for an angsty teen. totally in love with Ian MacKaye.
7) Janes Addiction: Nothing's Shocking. completely makes me think of a party at Jen Donahue's house. eggs were thrown. skateboards were ridden.
8) They Might Be Giants: Flood. odds are that a song from this album would be on any of the mix tapes we made in high school.
9) Fugazi: 13 Songs. one of the best albums ever. songs from this album would be on the soundtrack of my life.
10) Pixies: Bossanova. high school art class and staying after school to draw.
11) The Smiths: Louder than Bombs. big black shoe posse. roller skating at the rink in baldwinsville.
12) Inside Out: No Spiritual Surrender. this album was a light in the dark for me. the lost horizon and hardcore shows. taco bell.
13) Beck: One Foot In The Grave. moving back to syracuse and our first apartment.
14) Indigo Girls: Rites of Passage. one year at OCC. driving the dodge omni.
15) G Love & Special Sauce: G Love & Special Sauce. green haired nick and...that other guy. going to taughannock falls and throwing unopened cans of garbanzo beans in the campfire.
16) The Toasters: Dub 56. late night trips to Wegmans. dave.
17) Ani Difranco: Puddle Dive. some coffeeshop on the SU campus. getting ready to move to buffalo.
18) KRS One: Return of the Boom Bap. long studio sessions at the center for the arts at UB.
19) Zap Mama: Sabsylma. my first apartment alone on elmwood ave in buffalo.
20) Medeski, Martin and Wood: Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps). working at the brewpub in glens falls. closing the restaurant and going to the bars.
21) Q Tip: Amplified. leaving two terrible, consecutive relationships. getting my life back in order. driving with the windows down in the jeep. RSS.
22) Metric: Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? finding my path and motivation.
23) Tegan and Sara: So Jealous. being in the best, most simple/awesome/supportive relationship. home repair. crandall library.
24) Aesop Rock: None Shall Pass. my brother and learning that he'll be a father (and me an aunt!).
25) The Weepies: Say I Am You. driving back from the HIV clinic. feeling helpless and inspired by client's struggles with addiction.

honorable mentions: 7 Seconds: The Crew, Killcreek: St Valentine's Garage, New Order: Substance, everything sung by Ella Fitzgerald, Sonic Youth: Dirty, Blackalicious: Nia, Tori Amos: From the Choirgirl Motel, the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack and INXS: Listen Like Theives.


  1. Oh... Disintegration! So perfect.

  2. You have some awesome music on that list! (And it reminded me to get some Weepies iTunes action going.) Check out the LA soundtrack to the Rocky Horror Show (the "Roxy" production)- the stage version that the movie was based on. It is astounding. Still has Tim Curry in the lead, and Meatloaf. Isn't it amazing how all those tunes on "Flood" became legend? They still play the bandshell a few blocks from my house every Summer.


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