little bits.

•i must sing the praises of one of our favorite meals. or maybe i should say sauces? because you could put a massaman curry on a dirty shoe and it would be outstandingly delicious. if you don't know, massaman is a thai curry that is muslim in origin. it's made with chiles, galangal, garlic, lemongrass, cumin and about a hundred other spices. i buy a pre-made paste (at the Asian market on Colvin Ave in Albany) and mix a few tablespoons with coconut milk. last night we put it over roasted cauliflower, garbanzo beans and peas. all of this over jasmine rice...yum!

•lately, in lieu of the gym, we have been taking crosbi on long walks around the city of Glens Falls. the city is only three square miles, but we haven't taken the same walk yet. oddly, as much as i want to move further north in the future, Glens Falls continues to grow on me. heck, with the newly remodeled Crandall Library, Siam Thai's return and the continued renewal efforts it's hard to hate this place.

•to those who believe that adirondackers are all cut off from the world, chopping logs and wearing overalls, please check out the adirondack almanack. john warren has been on top of the important and often controversial (cell phone towers, MSM vs local coverage) topics "inside the blue line" since 2005. now he has two additional contributers and a snappy new header. congratulations on four years, adirondack almanack!

•i am close to sharing my little project with you . my personality is such that i would like to "make everything perfect" first, but in the words of ivan turgenev, "if we wait until the moment when everything, absolutely everything, is ready we shall never begin". stay tuned...


  1. ok, you have me drooling over the indian curry sauce/meal. I need to get back to cooking for my own tastes and I think I just might try that. I might need a more specific recipe though :) When my husband decides to eat healthy, the focus of our eating becomes more about him..errr!

    I am curious about your project...damn that twitter thing. Curious people can be driven mad by it very easily!!
    Hopefully you are enjoying your extended time off.

  2. Hi Renee,

    Thanks for the links. I took the opportunity to go back and read those old posts - I think you picked some of the best.

    Thanks and keep up the good work on your own blog!


  3. mmmmmm curry....

    Looking forward to the big project annoucement! No pressure or anything. :)


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