i am currently sitting on our newly remodeled porch. it's been the project adam and i have been working on for the last week. now that it's done, i wonder why we didn't do this sooner. it's such a simple room, but we spend SO much time in it.
ella is here with me, enjoying the sun on her usual perch. she doesn't seem adversely affected by her chronic illness. granted, it's a bit difficult to tell when referring to an animal that sleeps as much as she does. her waking time is spent eating kibble, going piddle or moving between her favorite sleeping spots. crappy life, eh?
other than porch remodeling, yard/garden prep and seed starting i have been trying to create a routine with my sketching. i have a larger project in mind in regards to my art, but the idea hasn't fully formed, so for now it is left to grow in my cluttered mind.
speaking of artwork, this blog post is just another form of procrastination right now. it's time to get to work...


  1. so, the question is did you create some art after the post? I am curious whether you might share some with us sometime. I took an intro class in college...the fruit on the table looked nothing like my drawing :)

  2. i did a little sketching that day...but am still a little bit shy. i will definitely be sharing but need to dust off after my 10 year hiatus!

  3. (Ditto that - I "archived" my painting.) Congrats on the porch - talk about perfect timing, seasonally. Procrastinate away - it's Spring!


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