sometimes in my internet wanderings i bookmark or tag a page, article or link that i think can generate a blog post. usually, i just forget about the link or don't have the inclination to "beef it up". i know this is what tumblr is for, but i refuse to start yet another internet "thing" to maintain. i'm scattered enough already.
so here's a run down of a few things clogging up my bookmarks and clippings folders.

•was there really a "little debbie"? who the hell is "chef boyardee"? you can find out if these brands (plus more) were real people or just marketing here. the Food Timeline site has a bunch of cool (albeit a bit foodie nerd) stuff.

•want to be a more conscientious consumer, but don't have the time to research it all? Good Guide is the answer to finding "safe, healthy and green products". you can look up products you already eat, use and buy to see how they rank or you can find better alternatives.

•if you didn't already know, please be careful using flea and tick "drops" on your pets. use only reputable brand products that would be sold at your veterinarian. most of the cheap stuff is straight pesticide and can (and has been) fatal for pets. the Center for Public Integrity's site has a page where you can search the product or the chemical ingredient and see if any incidents have been reported to the EPA. please be aware that there are some disturbing photos there.

•want to be grossed out? check out the FDA's list of "acceptable" defects (insect fragments, rodent hairs, mold, insect eggs, "mammalian excreta", etc.) in foods.


  1. ok, i cant believe i actually went on the FDA site and specifically looked at peanut butter. just as I had heard...rodent hairs and insect parts! Yum.

    Seriously though, i love all the research you take the time to do and put at my fingertips :)

    as for your twitter update...yes, i agree too early for tomato plants.

  2. Ugh. It is a good thing I only eat highly processed foods that contain no actual real food product, "just natural flavor" or I would be really disturbed by the FDA list. hehehe

  3. I'm going to admit to liking chef boyardee spaghetti a little more than I should. Because it's gross. But delicious. But gross. Sigh.


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