saturday puttering.

the compost pile isn't amounting to much right now. we used most of it up in the fall fortifying the vegetable garden plot. it still needs to be turned once in while though.

we've been here for almost five springs now, but we're still working to get a decent lawn.

these guys got a lot of attention today. subject of sketching here.

while the smell of lilacs definitely embodies spring, the constant battle to control the suckers is annoying.


  1. Lawns! we've had 12 springs to get it right but continue to work on problematic lilacs are plentiful too and are my favorites.

  2. adam and the lawn are long time foes. i won't let him use any non-organic fertilizers or herbicides.
    it would probably work out better if we planted a more indigenous ground cover, but i don't think i'll win that one...

  3. Our lawn is one giant ant farm! After the last rain all the mounds were really high it looked like a little Manhattan village for ants!
    I refuse to care. I get so upset when I see automatic lawn sprinklers spraying on sidewalks, roads, and past 10am!
    Our lilacs are pretty this year too. The one we planted last 2 years ago finally has flowers--yippy!

  4. @vi's mom: i wonder what makes your lawn so attractive to large ant metropolises (metropoli???)
    the sprinkler thing gets my hackles up too. why do you need to water your lawn (and driveway and sidewalk) three hours before it's going to rain anyway?!?

  5. Our lawn is more like a beach without any sort of coast. I guess ants like sandy soil? If they are smart, they will leave NY for cheaper rent....


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